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A syndicated cartoon pokes fun at the seemingly inconsequential punishment meted out to LeClair. Most outsiders saw the Judicial Council’s decision as a farce.

Drug laws in handbook & reorientation, 1970.
The Student Handbook of 1971-72 reprinted the New York Stage drug possession offense list as a reminder to students; drugs and drinking remained officially off-limits. An unofficial student publication…

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A fight breaks out, Columbia University, ca. 1968. [image cropped] From The Mortarboard 1975/, p.10. Courtesy of Barnard College Archives.

A general strike gripped Columbia campus after the take-over, which some Barnard students supported in solidarity. Professor Julius Held of the Art History department beckoned students back into discussion, as classes continued at Barnard. Courtesy…

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The strike against Columbia, protesting the violence that ended the building occupations, May 1968. From The Mortarboard 1975, p.11. Courtesy of Barnard College Archives.

Mounted police called in to clear the buildings, April/May, 1968. Violence would break out against innocent bystanders watching the proceedings, leading to the greatest number of casualties that night. From: The Mortarboard 1975, p. 11. Courtesy of…

in the middle of chaos, Martha Peterson was officially inaugurated as President of Barnard College on April 29, 1968 – the last full day of the student take-overs, and in the midst of the LeClair affair. Photograph by Joseph Gadzek Courtesy of…

Students occupied five Columbia University buildings during April 1968, in protest of Columbia’s wartime activity, its poor relationship with the surrounding neighborhood, and its relationship with its students, particularly student protesters whom…

Linda and her boyfriend, Peter Behr in one of many news articles about the “affair,” New York Daily News, March 12, 1968.

There were some who supported LeClair, however.

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