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A syndicated cartoon pokes fun at the seemingly inconsequential punishment meted out to LeClair. Most outsiders saw the Judicial Council’s decision as a farce.

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Scathing letters came to Martha Peterson, denouncing Leclair, the college and student behavior.

Chariot race, Greek Games, Barnard Gymnasium, April 24, 1965. The Games focused on poetry, athleticism and stylized movement – embodied in the spectacular chariot race as four “horses” drew charioteers around the gym. Photograph by V. Sladon,…

One of many news articles about the “affair,” New York Daily News, March 12, 1968.
Linda and her boyfriend, Peter Behr, are pictured at left.

Linda and her boyfriend, Peter Behr in one of many news articles about the “affair,” New York Daily News, March 12, 1968.

A fight breaks out, Columbia University, ca. 1968. [image cropped] From The Mortarboard 1975/, p.10. Courtesy of Barnard College Archives.

Freshman Chariot, Greek Games practice, 1965. Photograph by Jack Mitchell, Courtesy of Barnard College Archives

A general strike gripped Columbia campus after the take-over, which some Barnard students supported in solidarity. Professor Julius Held of the Art History department beckoned students back into discussion, as classes continued at Barnard. Courtesy…

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1965-1966 Student handbook
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