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Celebrations for the College Bowl team of 1968, pictured with their trophy. They won $19,000 in scholarship money. President Martha Peterson receiving silver bowl from General Electric Vice President John A. Spencer, while Prof. Richard Norman…

The rules adopted by the Barnard Student Council, dictating limitations on Bermuda shorts. From student handbook of 1961-62.

One of many news articles about the “affair,” New York Daily News, March 12, 1968.
Linda and her boyfriend, Peter Behr, are pictured at left.

Freshman Chariot, Greek Games practice, 1965. Photograph by Jack Mitchell, Courtesy of Barnard College Archives

Three friends lounging in the dorms ca. 1968. New, expanded, parietal rules in March 1968 allowed male visitors from 6PM to 12AM on Fridays and Saturdays, and from 1PM to 6PM on Sundays. Photograph by Joseph Gazdak, Courtesy of Barnard College…

in the middle of chaos, Martha Peterson was officially inaugurated as President of Barnard College on April 29, 1968 – the last full day of the student take-overs, and in the midst of the LeClair affair. Photograph by Joseph Gadzek Courtesy of…

Martha Peterson talking to students, 1969.
President martha Peterson keeps communication open with students over coffee in millicent mcintosh center lounge, September 25, 1969. Photograph by Joseph Gazdak Courtesy of Barnard college Archives

The article that started it all, from The New York Times, March 4, 1968.

Mounted police called in to clear the buildings, April/May, 1968. Violence would break out against innocent bystanders watching the proceedings, leading to the greatest number of casualties that night. From: The Mortarboard 1975, p. 11. Courtesy of…

Students on campus wearing Bermuda shorts, one of the era’s sartorial trends. Wendy Supovizt '63 in conversation with a woman wearing a kimono and Martha Kostyra Stewart '63, South Lawn, ca. 1960. Photography by The New York Daily News, Courtesy of…
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